Pricing for all precious metal milled materials is calculated using the total weight per metal type (gold, sterling, etc.) in your order, the current market price for each metal, and fabrication charges that apply for each metal. The weight of most items of the same metal are combined to provide you the best price break; any items that are not combinable will be noted on your invoice. 

We guarantee that your price will be based on the market price current at the time we receive your order and provide you with a confirmation number. This guarantee does not apply to any milled materials that may be placed on backorder; these will be billed at the market price current on the date the order is filled. 

The metal markets prices are updated daily and displayed on the home page at and are shown on the product page for each precious metal item. 

We strive to measure quantities ordered as closely as possible; when ordering, however, please allow for a variance of +/- 10% due to manufacturing tolerances at the mill. 

Please Note: When purchasing cut-to-order metals using both a Rio credit and a credit card, the full amount of your credit will be applied first, and the remaining balance will be applied to your credit card.