We ship all hazardous items via United Parcel Service (UPS). Additional fees to handle hazardous chemicals may increase shipping costs by up to $30.00 (ground) or by $42.50 or more (air). Charges apply to each individual package or chemical being shipped (multiples of the same product that can be shipped together may be charged as one package). Some chemicals, however, have very strict regulations on the quantities that can be shipped, so we may not be permitted to package multiple containers together.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) Emergency Response Communication Standard controls the shipping of chemicals deemed hazardous by the DOT and governs the labeling and handling of a variety of materials. Over the past few years, this standard has resulted in increased costs from most of our shippers for handling these materials. Some of our packaging amounts have been changed to reflect the quantity limitations that DOT has placed on shipping certain chemicals. We continually revise our shipping policies to comply with changing regulations.

For more information about the hazardous shipping categories and charges, contact us when you place your order.

We strongly encourage you to obtain a copy of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each product you use, and to keep it accessible in your files. SDSs are provided free of charge and are available on our website (click the "More Info" tab on the product page for any item to find its SDS).

Please note: We cannot ship hazardous items to international addresses.