We take great care in packaging your precious metal and milled materials during shipping. Below are the steps we take to prevent damage:

  1. All sheets are packed between two pieces of cardboard taped together to secure the metal inside.
  2. All gold items (sheet, wire, tubing) are packed in heat-sealed plastic bags.
  3. Coiled wire and by-the-foot chain is secured with twist ties, not tape.
  4. Chain lengths of more than 15 feet are wound onto cardboard squares or plastic spools.
  5. Each item is labeled with its item number and quantity.
  6. Alloys are packed in individual plastic containers.
  7. Casting grain quantities of more than 5 ounces are double-bagged.
  8. Tubing is packed in individual bags that are reinforced with tape to prevent tearing.
  9. Items ordered in their full-size dimensions will be shipped at full size; we do not cut down for ease of shipping.