Most of our tools and equipment include a one-year warranty. If it is necessary to return an item for evaluation or repair, package it as you would any other return; in a sturdy carton, along with your name, customer number, address, and contact information, and address the package to:  

Rio Grande

Attention: Repair Department

7500 Bluewater Rd. N.W. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87121

Please make sure to include your contact information to ensure the speedy return of your tools.

Send it prepaid and insured. Your original invoice number for each item returned is vital; it serves as your proof of warranty.

If the item is still under warranty, the repairs are made and the item shipped back to you at no additional cost.

If the item is out of warranty, please be aware, before sending it in for repairs, that our labor charges are $80/hr. and that parts and shipping costs will be added onto that.

Allow 3–6 weeks after we have received the item for evaluation and repair.

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