As part of our effort to enhance our customer service, Rio is proud to offer flat-rate shipping for orders less than 5 pounds for our US customers, some restrictions apply*. Rio will continue to occasionally offer limited-time, money saving shipping promotions. By following us on Facebook and signing up to receive our emails you’ll receive notice when there is a promotion going. 

Shipping costs impact every business, and we work to keep the cost of shipping your products as low as possible. We regularly review and re-negotiate rates with our carriers and pass those savings along and we do everything we can to reduce the cost of shipping. Finally, we offer a wide range of shipping options in order to better meet each customer's needs. 

Following us on social media venues and subscribing to our emails lets you take advantage of special pricing whenever it is offered. Rio announces these special promotions by email and on our social media pages.

*  For flat-rate shipping Hazardous Materials are subject to normal Dangerous Goods fee. Flat-rate does not include oversized products.