Why did you decide to discontinue your catalogs? 

Responses to our most recent catalogs have affirmed that we need to make a change. Discontinuing our printed catalog is something we can do right now to act on our shared commitment to sustainability.

It takes approximately 1.3 million pounds of paper to print our catalogs. That’s enough to fill 30 semi-trucks! And transporting the finished catalogs from the printer requires an additional 11 semi-trucks. This change will help conserve water consumed during paper production, reduce solid waste and air pollution, and offset transportation-related carbon emissions.


I counted on the true-to-size references to help me shop for gems and findings. What can I use now?

 We have been diligently working over the last several years to provide all necessary dimensions online so that you can make informed buying decisions. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm, by chat or at 800-545-6566.



I had my go-to products bookmarked in the catalog. How can I find my favorite items quickly online?

Log into your account on riogrande.com. Your “my account” page will include your order history with links to specific products. 

You can also check out these quick videos to help make shopping easier, including this one on shopping for metal.



Are any of your most recent catalogs still available? 

 A limited supply of our 2019–2020 Gems & Findings catalog and our 2020–2021 Tools & Equipment catalog are still available. If you have a Rio Grande account, you can request a catalog here while supplies last: