Rio Grande sells diamonds only to members of the jewelry trade who have been established by Rio as qualified diamond buyers. To qualify as a diamond buyer, you must meet one of the following three criteria:

  • be listed with the Jewelers Board of Trade; as a member, you automatically qualify.
  • be able to provide us with a current copy of your business license AND two invoices or statements from another supplier in the jewelry industry.
  • be a student currently enrolled in a jewelry-making course who can provide either a letter from your instructor on school letterhead or a copy of your coursework transcript.

We'd love to talk to you about how we can qualify your account to purchase diamonds. Call or email us at the information listed below to speak with a member of our Gemstones Team, who can walk you through the process. We look forward to being your diamond supplier! 

Toll-free: 800.257.7026
Phone: 505.839.3188
Fax: 505.839.3297