How to Participate

Are you a #RioJeweler? Every day, #RioJewelers worldwide forge connections and find inspiration as they share photos of their pieces, processes and benches on social media. Rio Grande is grateful to be part of this vibrant community of jewelers, metalsmiths and makers—and we want to keep the dialog going by featuring real-world stories in our emails, on our website, and via our social media channels. To join the conversation and have your photo considered for a feature, tag Instagram photos of your pieces, process and bench with #RioJeweler and #BuildYourBench. If you’re an instructor or student in our Rio for Schools program, tag your classroom photos with #RioForSchools.

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Terms and Conditions

By responding #Yes and @riogrande on your Instagram photo you agree that Rio Grande may use the submitted photo for marketing purposes which may include but is not limited to: catalogs produced by Rio Grande, promotional or marketing emails, on our website, for training purposes, in video and any other form of print or electronic media that Rio Grande deems appropriate. By submitting this photo, you warrant that you are the sole owner of the photograph and that Rio Grande’s use of the photo, and the product pictured therein, will not infringe upon a third-party’s intellectual property.