Customs Clearance Documentation 

Rio Grande provides a commercial invoice that includes the following information:

  • Country of origin
  • Tariff codes
  • Item(s) description
  • Pricing
  • Quantity


If you need other documents specific to your destination address, please contact us at 505-839-3011 to arrange the documentation you need.

Special Documentation 

CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement)

A CAFTA document may reduce custom charges for items manufactured in United States that are shipped to the following countries:

  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua

Please contact us at 505-839-3011 with your invoice number if you need a CAFTA document for your order.


NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

A NAFTA document may reduce tariff charges for items manufactured in the United States shipped to Mexico or Canada. Please contact us at 505-839-3011 with your invoice number if you need a NAFTA document for your order.

Shipments to Australia and South Korea

Due to a trade agreement between the U.S., Australia and South Korea, you may be able to get reduced tariff charges for items manufactured in the U.S. Please contact us at 505-839-3011 for documentation based on the items you need to order. 


Shipments to Israel

Under the U.S./Israel Fair Trade Agreement, shipments of U.S. goods into Israel valued at $100.00 USD qualify for duty-free status. A Chamber of Commerce certificate is required. To qualify for the certificate and duty-free status, goods must:

  • Be grown, produced or manufactured in the U.S. and contain at least 35% U.S. content (materials and labor), and
  • Be imported directly from the United States into the customs territory of Israel.

The fee for the Chamber of Commerce certificate is $40.00 USD; a Rio Grande customer service agent will contact you to approve this fee before it is charged to your order.

Shipments of Non-U.S. goods valued over $100 USD do not qualify for duty-free status under the US/IL free trade agreement.


Shipments to Mexico 

An RFC business tax license number may be required for you to receive your order. Please contact your local customs office for details.


Shipments to Russia

It has been our experience that customs clearance on orders shipping to residential addresses within the Russian Federation might be delayed or refused. As a result, shipments must be sent to a business address. Though not guaranteed, orders that ship via U.S. Postal Service and have a value under $1,000.00 USD seem to have a higher success rate for clearing customs. For more information, please contact us or your local customs office.